I Sleep with My Boss !

One Day at Abu Dhabi : an Anecdote of Interracial Marriage

Madame Gokil

It happened a few years ago, when we were traveling to Indonesia from Belgium. Started from Brussels, we transited at Abu Dhabi and had waited 6 hours before next flight.

I was sitting at transit area with my baby when a young woman walked in and sat next to me.

She looked at me at glance then looked at my baby. Then, nicely she started a conversation. She was a domestic worker for Arabic family. She talked about her job, many details of her responsibilities, the attitude of the family members where she worked and even her salary.

Some stories were sad, I could only listened attentively and showed my empathy for some miserable experiences. But then, she started being annoying and she asked me several questions about job and everything.
I knew from the first moment I saw her, I was totally sure that she thought I was a nanny of the baby. I didn’t blame her though, she saw a dark-yellow lady with a pale-rose baby !

Who could imagine I was the mother of the baby? Well, maybe Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes.
She asked about my age, my origin, my religion, my marital status and so on. With respect, I always answered her questions, even it was only one word or just yes/no.

But when she asked if my boss were nice to me. I could not say anything, I have no boss. Actually I am the boss
In the meantime, my husband were showing up. He gave me a bottle of still-water (with smile) and took carefully my baby to his shoulders.
This woman was shocked. Her mouth opened quite wide, then she said, “Wow, what a nice boss you have!”

So, indeed, I was right. She thought I am a domectic worker. Since I had the same prejudice several times, I was quite used to and acted completely cool with that in the end. Still surprised and with both eyes full of admiration to me, this young woman asked me, “What is your secret to make your boss so nice like that?”

I just couldn’t help myself for being ironic. I whispered, “This is my big secret. I slept with my boss. So, he is super nice. You should try sometimes.”

Her mouth opened even wider than before. Shocked. But, I let her alone, busy judging me.

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